Monday, August 23, 2010

Random Thoughts

PS: written on Aug 15, posted on Aug 22

It has been an Independence Day, in its fullest spirit for me today :)
Thanks to my Senior batch, we don't have any sessions, club meetings. I appreciate their respect to the country. It might be surprising to think as why this dumb ass is so excited for a single day. But that is life @ B-school (that too a residential program). Classes, assignments, club meetings, sessions, placements......... what not??

My day has been the laziest possible... woke up at 9:30, bfast at 10.30, followed by a morning show on my lappie.... a lonng bath, decent lunch @ hostel mess, matinee again on my lappie... and browsing+chatting for the remainder of the day. Wat else can I ask for?

The past 45 days in IIFT has been roller coaster sorts. Thanks to Yusuf sarai, I need to spend 1 hr more to commute to college and my brothers @ old hostel surely know the "marginal value" of this extra hr sleep. I still wonder whether my decision of joining all the possible clubs is a major cause of my "busy" lifestyle. But, I should pat my back for the decision, for it helped me to choose my majors so soon (its fin folks!!) I cannot stop appreciating the senior folks for their time and effort in running these clubs, coz I personally know how tough it can be, thanks to my Infy stint in handling clubs.

As you could(n't) grasp the flow, my thoughts are wandering from one extreme to another and I better pause 'em here for now.

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